New Images

Superb Fairy Wrens. Glass. 2012.

I’ve updated the site with some new photography.  Check out the variation on my Aerie Series that may be the beginning of an exhibition series including specific bird species.  I’ve also added a bottle and cup set to the Niche Series and some more glass panties.  There will be more variations on the underwear to come!

Cane Workshop

Last week, Tom Rowney visited from Canberra to teach a week-long workshop with a focus on cane tumblers.  It was a bit of a break from the regular routine.  Here are some amateur photos of a few of the cups that I made.  I’m getting some ideas for some bigger projects using similar techniques so keep checking in for that.


Glass Blowing: Flying Saucer at JamFactory Adelaide

So this is from last year but its an example of some of the cooler stuff that we do at the JamFactory. Each year we have a “Family Day” as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival and I believe an additional one later in the year. The last two times, at least, we have had a drawing competition for the kids that ends with us making the winning drawings in glass. This video from last years event shows me and Maddy assisting the amazing Tom Moore in making the two winners: A flying saucer flown by a ghost owl and a six-legged creature. The kids got to watch the whole thing. It’s definitely one of my favorite things to do here. Unfortunately, there is no video for this year’s event.