Another Bird Flies The Coop

Last month, this Aviary piece was purchased as a gift to the wonderful Ralph and Dolores Barnett–two of the loveliest people who happen to have an amazing art collection.  I am honored that one of my pieces now sits among works by Warhol, Miró and Vasarely to name a few!  Special thanks to Tone Stockenstrom for the photography.


Ghost Pepper Glass

I am embarrassed at how long it has been since I regularly updated this site.  In truth, it is reflective of the greater problem that it has been nearly as long since I have made my own work.  In the last five years, since my return from Australia, I have spent less and less time each year making my own work.

Starting in 2013, working as a technician at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, I found myself working more as an instructor and assistant while spending my own sessions filling orders instead of prototyping new ideas.  Following that year, I began splitting my time between working for artists down here in Texas, blowing glass for the Corning Museum of Glass on Celebrity Cruise lines and the occasional commission.  In the whole of this period, despite substantial access to studios, my sketchbook overflowed with ideas while very few were ever realized.

Honestly, I have gained a lot while on this hiatus from this site.  I’ve learned quite a bit about processes I never cared to explore for my own work, I’ve traveled the world meeting new people and finding inspiration at every turn and I have come to learn a great deal about myself.

The culmination of this journey will come to fruition later this year as I open my very own public access studio here in Austin, Texas!  Ghost Pepper Glass will be a space for me to get back into creating the stuff of my sketch books as well as pursue new clients and commissions which will expand my repertoire.  It will also be a place for others to create their own work, take classes, buy locally, handmade works and learn about glassmaking.  I will do my very best to take all that I have learned–the good and the bad from each of the studios I have had the pleasure of working in–to create a haven for exploring creativity.  And also, I will try to keep this site up to date with this new chapter.

Check out the progress of the new studio at  It is still pre-construction but there is much to come!File May 14, 9 08 34 AM




Poleturner Auction Centerpieces!

Check out these sweet centerpieces we’re making out at Pilchuck!  Designed by Lynn Everett Read and made by a team of nearly 30 glassblowers/coldworkers/packers/coordinators.  Production is now in full swing but there’s still a ways to go before we can call it quits.  The finished pieces will be up for auction in October through Pilchuck’s annual fundraiser.